Reaching well beyond my grasp

I am here because I have been inspired. The Bloodbowl community has created some amazing customised teams and I have decided I'd like to try building my own team.

I have never done this before, my painting skills are mediocre at best and my modelling skills....well non existent. This is in all likelihood a doomed journey. But I hope it gives others of my skill level and ambition the courage to try.

This is my first attempt at blogging, so some things I feel you should know.
The good blogs out there post on a weekly basis, yeah... this isn't going to be one of those good blogs.
Also I take terrible photos. Really. You have been warned.

UPDATE: I have added a Lessons Learnt page. Here I note little tips I learn as I go along. A summary of things that may help others who decide to give kit bashing a go.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Big Toof Troll

The Badlands Big Toof Tigerz were going to have a troll. I also knew that eventually I was going to get myself a goblin team, which would have two trolls.

Fortunately I had the GW river troll set that came with 3 trolls.

At first I thought I would only use two of them, but then realised that I wanted to paint the Orc team troll in the team colours. I was also pretty sure that my Goblin team would have different team colours, which meant if I used the orc troll in the goblin team it wouldn't have the same team colours.

I could  paint the troll in a neutral scheme, but since I had 3 trolls I decided to use all 3, one for the Orcs and two for the Goblins.

I will come back to the Goblin Trolls at a later date. After the Tigerz are completed.

I started by thinking how I wanted the troll to look. One idea I had was that the troll was imitating a troll slayer. I would give it a mohawk and fake beard. But I also wanted the troll to have armour to fit in with the rest of the look of the team, which didn't fit with the troll slayer idea. In the end I put the troll trollslayer idea to one side.

I found the river troll set from GW to be really good. Lots of parts to play with and good value for money. I understand it is no longer being made due to it not being AoS, so will be hard to find now.

I had brought a number of armour parts and bits from Bitzbox, a site that sells parts of sprues and bits of model sets. For the troll I had purchased an imperial guard orgyn breast plate and bits from an an Ork Deff Dread.

The Troll was given two fists with one raised above his head ready to smash down on anything in front of it. I had to cut a weapon away from one of the hands/fists. The breast plate was added on. It was the right size to cover the front of the troll and also the right shape, in that it looks a poor fit, which I think is in character for the model. I may try to add my own straps to it later.

 The large bit of ork dreadnought armour I put over the troll's left shoulder and back. Again the size and shape worked out really well. The only thing I am unsure about if the flat edge of the armour at the top of the shoulder behind the troll's head. I think it should maybe be look a bit more ragged.

 I wanted the armour to continue down the troll's left arm. I used an Orruk Shield. It covered the fore arm and the jagged edges over hung the troll's fist.

I then added a Orc motif to the front of the breastplate. I think this came from either the Stormboyz set or the Orruks set. I really like the effect of adding a bit of detail on top of something else has. I feel it gives the model  a bit of character and depth and helps add to the hodge-podge look of the troll.

While I didn't plan to at the start I ended up having the troll having armour only on it's left side. I quite like how that has turned out. I just wanted to find something for it's left leg/knee I will be happy with leaving it at that.

Looking through the sprues I had, the Stormboyz had rocket packs where the top cone of the rockets looked like knee pads to me. See below.
 It even had what looked like two straps across it.

I cut away the pins from the inside that would have been used to attach it to the other half of the cone so I could glue to the troll's left knee.

Pictures below of the Troll.

I am happy with how it has turned out. It needs some minor cleaning up/ cutting away of excess plastic. The only other thing that I would have liked to do is add some strapping to the armour and pads, but not sure how to go about that. At the moment it means some fine detail work with putty and I would rather find a cheat, then attempt to model in putty.

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